On Saturday January 28th the Rotary Club of Concord joined with the Rotary Clubs of Bedford and Merrimack Valley to help the Sleep in Heavenly Peace non-profit organization build beds.
We had over 25 people helping in two shifts. 43 headboards for 23 ½ beds were built. These beds are built for children who would otherwise be sleeping on the floor.
Right: Chris Alphen teaching Concord Rotarians how to build the beds. 
We first learned of this volunteer opportunity from one of our past Concord Rotarians, Chris Alphen. Chris is the President of the Middlesex County Chapter and he, along with his team, work tirelessly to make sure these beds are provided to any child in need. Rotarians are always happy to get together to support other non-profits that truly make a difference like Sleep in Heavenly Peace. We also had a lot of fun while we were volunteering.