Posted by Laura Spear on Mar 09, 2021
Here is the latest Rotary Public Image Update. It includes ways to become a more effective presenter, communicator, and leader
Rotary’s visual identity and logos establish trust while building global recognition of what we do. Over the next several months, Rotary International will encourage Rotary, Rotaract, and Interact clubs to update their logos, to align with RI's brand standards. Learn more by completing the Our Logo: Representing Rotary course. Clubs can update their logos using resources in the Brand Center.

How can you reach out to valuable Rotarians and/or partners, to let them know we care when they don't participate in Zoom meetings? offers millions of smiles and tears of joy. It’s an online platform where your clubs can record short video messages of congratulations and/or well wishes, and the messages get compiled and sent to the recipient.

Does your club have a Facebook and Instagram account? Consider posting stories on them. Stories include videos and images that appear outside of your regular feed, and that last only for 24 hours before they disappear. The temporary nature of stories is what helps to attract your followers to engage immediately. Stories can either be used to create live broadcasts of your service projects and events or include a compilation of photos from a recent project, club meeting, or fundraiser.

World Immunization Week is this April 24 through 30. You can promote this event using a toolkit at

Become a more effective presenter, communicator, and leader by taking courses developed exclusively for Rotary by Toastmasters International. These courses in, Rotary’s Learning Center, will help Rotarians grow professionally and personally. They include these eight courses:

1. Develop a speech, on developing content based on your topic, audience, and goals.

2. Deliver a speech, on the basics of giving a speech.

3. Inspirational speech, on how to engage, persuade, and/or inspire an audience. 

4. Interpersonal communication and networking, on building and maintaining professional relationships and networks.

5. Leadership basics, on topics such as motivating others, integrity, and team inclusiveness.

6. Leading a team, on creating a positive environment, setting goals, and delegating.

7. Collaboration, on understanding and developing leadership and collaboration skills.

8. Building consensus, on developing the skills needed for effective and inclusive leadership.

Need help? Find it on the Help page for Brand Center, or contact one of us! We’re here to help.

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For more information, contact Laura Spear, of the Rotary Club of Nashoba Valley, who is assistant public-image coordinator for Rotary Zone 32, at