Posted by Karin Gaffney on Aug 16, 2017

Dear Members,

With so many Clubs doing so many great things in our district, I want to communicate with all members using periodic ‘eBulletins’ – newsletter style emails that utilize content from our website. I will be sending out two different eBulletins, which I will alternate on different weeks of the month. You will receive one about District News and Updates and another about Service Projects and Membership.

Please send details of your great service projects, your new members, and upcoming events, so I can post them in the eBulletins. All submissions can be sent to: Please use the following Guidelines....

When submitting stories for the D7910 website and eBulletins. please include the following:

Submissions For District News:

- Word document, which has been spell-checked, with a file name that summarizes the content. The article should be a short paragraph and identify the following:

Name of Club

Name of the service project

Brief Description of the service project

What was the outcome?

How many people were impacted?

What were the changes that resulted from the project? 

How many volunteered? 

Were there partners, other clubs or community service organizations, Interactors etc…?

- photo file{s}, in .jpeg format, with a related filename so that it can be easily identified


Submissions For New Members:

- a photo file (.jpeg) with a related filename (name of club or new member)

- a sentence about the new member induction


Submitting Fliers for Events

- send a pdf of the event

- a sentence about who to contact for information

- any links to other sites that may be pertinent


We update the the D7910 website daily! Please check it frequently for all the latest and greatest things going on in our clubs and in the district. Thank you!