What can a single brick do? By itself, maybe not much. But many bricks brought together can build something great!
The Rotary Club of Southborough donated $100 to participate in the SmileMass Buy-A-Brick fundraiser.
Over 1.2 million children and adults in Massachusetts have a disability and often have limited options for accessible play & travel. Enter SmileMass, already successfully providing inclusive programs, and now looking to do more!
With land now secured in the Sudbury/Framingham area, their capital campaign is underway to create "A Place Like No Other - Club SMILEMass - a Community within a Community." A state-of-the-art facility to support the severely disabled living fully inclusive lives surrounded by a supportive community.
Organizations and individuals can BUY BRICKS or donate to SPONSOR LARGER ITEMs. Click HERE to learn more about "A Place Like No Other".
If a club would like to arrange for SmileMASS President & Co-Founder Lotte Diomede to speak at a Rotary club meeting, they can contact SMILE Mass Director of Communications Todd Civin (todd@smilemass.org). The Rotary Club of Southborough is looking forward to finding and celebrating our brick in the Club SMILEMass walkway when the new site opens.