Posted by Victor T. Tom on Nov 11, 2020
Bike-helmet give-aways and a 9/11-memorial clean-up were the focuses of two recent, successful Rotary Club of Bedford events.
Bike-Helmet Give-Away Day
When the decision was made that Bedford children would be going to school in September, there was parental concern about riding buses and thus a greater interest arose for riding bicycles to school. Even though the Rotary Club of Bedford had to cancel its annual spring Bicycle Safety Day (more than 15 years running) due to COVID-19, we then quickly swung into action and worked with the Bedford Police Department, to put on a Helmet Give Away Day, to keep our bicyclists safe after school opening. We figured out how to keep everyone safe at this event by wearing masks wearing and socially distancing. 
The BPD set up tents, tables and traffic cones and even supplied upbeat music. Bedford Rotarians gave out 50 free, custom fitted helmets while BPD officers instructed riders in bike safety. Many residents were grateful and made donations to our club.
The free Bell helmets (U.S. safety certified for Bike CPSC) were made possible through the sponsorship by the Bedford Rotary Foundation and were purchased at dramatically reduced cost through the SafeKids Worldwide program for non-profit organizations.  We’ve been purchasing these specific high-grade helmets for three years now. For information on purchasing Bell helmets ($8.00 to $9.25 each) for your own Bicycle Safety Day, contact Bedford Rotarian Victor Tom at
To watch a three-minute video on this event, click here.
Rotary 9/11 Memorial Park Clean-Up
The Rotary 9/11 Memorial Park was created as a place of remembrance and reflection by the Rotary Club of Bedford following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. A few Rotarians recently noticed that the site had become severely overgrown, and proposed that maintenance be done including cutting vines encroaching on trees on the perimeter and growth around the Memorial Park's dedication rock. After conferring with the Bedford Recreation Department, the club held a group site visit and brainstorming session, to see what could be done. Furthermore, this was a great service project that we could do outdoors in the great fall weather.
Led by Bedford Rotarians Christine Pinney and Marc Hamilton, a group of energetic Rotarians and Interactors (who were also Rotary Youth Leadership Award participants), got to work on two consecutive Sunday afternoons. They began cleanup by removing 20 years of growth that was hiding the symbolic 11 rocks, and cutting down encroaching trees and vines that were choking the trees along the original perimeter. After a couple of hours of intensive work (socially distanced, of course), the site was much improved.
Marc Hamilton commented that this was the beginning of an ongoing, annual park-improvement and -maintenance project by Rotary Club of Bedford, part of the partner stewardship of the Park by Rotary and the Town of Bedford. Enthusiastically, Christine Pinney told us, “In just two afternoons, our mighty cleanup squad cut invasive vines 30 feet in the air that were strangling trees. We created multiple huge piles of brush to be removed. Can’t wait to tackle some more!”
“We are very proud of this contribution to Bedford, and we encourage all to come visit this garden sanctuary.” Club president Sze-Wen Kuo said, putting into words a sentiment wholeheartedly felt by all Bedford Rotarians.
To watch a 1-minute video on this event, click here.
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