Posted by Steven Sager on Oct 01, 2018
We are pleased to announce the opportunity to participate in the organization of the new District 7910 Rotary Passport Club.  A passport club is technically a club in Rotary District 7910, but its members attend meetings of other clubs, help in their service projects and fundraisers, and do all the things club based Rotarians do, except on their own schedule.  Passport Clubs are a perfect solution for people who wish to be Rotarians but do not have the flexible schedule to permit attendance at regular meetings.  While the focus of membership recruitment for the club is on new members, the Passport Club is also suitable for Rotarians who would otherwise leave a club due to time commitments.  Read on for more detail about how a passport club works.
Members of the District 7910 Rotary Passport Club are people living or working in our District who want to make a difference in their communities locally and globally in a way that fits within their time, talent, and finances, as well as with their family, work, and life commitments.
To facilitate this, the District 7910 Rotary Passport Club only holds a few in-person meetings a year.  In lieu of weekly meetings, members are encouraged to engage in humanitarian service projects with other Rotary clubs, and attend other Rotary club meetings and events, in times and locations that works best for them and their families! Club business will be handled electronically and/or by video or teleconferences.  
District 7910 Rotary Passport Club members are full Rotary members, with the same privileges and rights as Rotarians who are members of traditional clubs.
Membership in our club provides you with a passport to visit and work with any other Rotary Club in the world, and to take part in activities, programs, and projects that interest and engage you. Everyone who has a connection with District 7910 and wants to enjoy service is welcome to apply! 
Recognition for Participation in the District 7910 Rotary Passport Club
District 7910 Rotary Passport Club members are encouraged to engage with each other and with the other Rotary clubs in District 7910, or any other Rotary club in the world, by attending their meetings and helping with their service projects.  In addition, the District 7910 Rotary Passport Club encourages participation in giving to programs sponsored by The Rotary Foundation.
Attendance and participation in these activities is a requirement.  As well as attendance on our Zoom calls and at our other meetings and socials, the Rotary Passport Club will give credit for the participation of its members by crediting members for each hour of participation, whether it be meetings, service projects, fundraising, individual Rotary learning, or giving to the Rotary Foundation.
How It Works
Each year, a member is expected to earn at least 50 credits by participating in Rotary activities during the Rotary Year (July 1 - June 30). The schedule of credits includes participation in a Rotary club community based or international service project, attendance at a Rotary Club meeting, making donations to the Rotary Foundation, and serving as an officer of the Passport Club.   There are maximum credits that can be earned in order to encourage participation in a wide variety of Rotary activities
Credit Schedule
Opportunity                                                                               Credit          Maximum Per Year
Attend Rotary Club Meeting                                                       1                       20 (5 max per club*)
Participate in Rotary Club Community service project          3                       30
Travel on a Rotary Club International Service project         15                       15
Donation to the Rotary Foundation                                         1 per $100       15
Attend a Rotary Club Fundraising Event                                 1                           5
Bring In A New Member                                                          10                       Unlimited
Serve as Passport Club President                                          10                        10
Serve as Passport Club Treasurer or Secretary                     5                           5
Serve as on a District 7910 Committee                                   2                           4
Serve as a District 7910 Officer                                                5                           5
Attend District 7910 Conference                                           10                         10
Attend RI Convention                                                              10                         10
Attend District 7910 Event (e.g., Foundation Dinner)           5                        15
*5 Credit Limit does not apply to Passport Club meetings
Example 1
Attends 5 meetings at different Rotary clubs               =  5 credits
Participates in 5 Rotary Club community projects      = 15 credits     
Travels on a Rotary International Project                     = 15 credits
Attends 5 Rotary Fundraiser Events                              =  5 credits
Attends District Conference                                           = 10 credits
Total Credits                                               50 credits
Example 2
Attends 10 meetings at different Rotary clubs           = 10 credits
Participates in 10 Rotary Club community projects  = 30 credits       
Donates $1000 to The Rotary Foundation                 = 10 credits
Total Credits                                               50 credits
Example 3
Participates in 7 Rotary Community Projects            = 21 credits
Attends RI Convention                                                  = 10 credits
Attends District Conference                                        = 10 credits
Attends District Foundation Dinner, and                  = 10 credits
            the Awards dinners                                                   
Total Credits                                               51 Credits
In each case, the Rotary District 7910 Passport Club member would be credited with at least the minimum credits required for the year! Of course, Passport Club members are encouraged to do more!!
How Hours and Dollars Are Reported
Members report their credits to the Passport Club on a form provided.  We are developing an electronic reporting form.  If you know of a potential member, please contact DG Steve.