Angels Answer Inc is an emergency food and relief agency for children, families, senior citizens, veterans, and pets, serving Central and Western Massachusetts, and food insecurity needs in locations around the world. We incorporated in 2012, just after the tornadoes roared through the Monson and Brimfield areas. We were called "The Food Angels", and we provided thousands of dollars worth of food to help displaced residents.  We filled brown bags for construction workers, and supported local churches that served as temporary food pantries for area residents.
Thus our passion for service, and our reason for becoming  members of Rotary International and our local Rotary Club, The Rotary Club of the Brookfields, who proudly stand behind and promote the Rotary motto of Service Above Self in everything they do. It was a perfect fit. We thrive on Rotary's mission to reach out to those less fortunate, to our youth and everyone in need around the world.
Venezuela has been the newest area of focus in Angels Answer Inc.'s outreach to help with food, medical supplies, baby formula and other baby needs. Angels Answer Inc. has been sending thousands of pounds of food to feed the starving babies, children, and elders in a food program in Venezuela. We have also now adopted a teen shelter, called " Angels Answer Teen Shelter Project" there as well.
Our families in Venezuela are absolutely in dire need of help in all areas of human need. In our efforts to help the people of Venezuela we are reaching out for help in acquiring some of the things that they are in great need of. We need medical supplies(dressing supplies, tape, band-Aids, etc.)  that anyone could pass on to us, medicines, wheelchairs for youth, baby formula and baby food, dry cereal, soups, etc.. We have partnered with "Feeding Families in Venezuela" and "Be The Change" Programs.
For our Venezuela Food Project, we have a van which comes periodically and picks up 1000 lbs. of food/ supplies from our Warehouse in Ware, MA. From the Warehouse the van drives the food/ supplies down to Miami to a shipping company, where it is loaded onto a ship and sent to Venezuela.
The babies we feed are suffering from extreme malnutrition and starvation. We have seen babiesto whom we send food come back to life, and abandoned elders who have hope again in their end of life years.
If anyone knows anyone that has passed away and left behind medical supplies, meds, and/ or equipment we will accept them. Also accepted are memorial donations in honor loved ones or pets who have passed. These are just a few ways of assisting Angels Answer, Inc., to continue their mission, to help feed and nourish humanity in their time of need.