by Christine Pinney, RYLA Chair
"Thank you so much for providing the best RYLA experience ever. I would like to thank all of the RYLA chair/volunteers for creating an opportunity for me to be a part of an amazing group and learning so much about me and becoming an even better leader. I would never forget this experience of being apart of the RYLA conference. Thank you so much!" -Martina Nkwantah  (Group P)"
Thank you to all of you that contributed before, during and after RYLA!
Without you, RYLA would not be the same!  
Our volunteers, like you, 
- got the word out
- encouraged sophomores to apply
- interviewed and had the challenge of selecting 
  students who would benefit the most from RYLA. 
- edit/fine tune documents
- collaborate with RYLA chairs
- coach our GFs and PFs
- train our session leaders
- and more!
Volunteer Hours(just at RYLA!):
GF/PFs                                       2232
Core Committee(17 people)  1120
Volunteers (75)                           897 
Avg # of hours/pp                        12
                                                   4249 = 177 days
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