Posted by Steve Glines on Oct 08, 2020

In many parts of the world, Rotary is a very prestigious institution that you must be invited to join and, as you know, costs a lot to belong to - especially, in developing countries. The result is that, in much of the world, Rotary is something to aspire to.  While at the Rotary International Convention in Seoul, South Korea, I discovered the Rotary Community Corps concept. A Rotary Community Corps is a way for members of the local community to participate in Rotary without membership costs. It's also a way for aspiring Rotarians to show their commitment to service above self.

In District 7910, the cost of membership is usually not a restraining factor in joining a Rotary club. However, time and commitment are. The idea behind the Rotary Club of Littleton forming a Rotary Community Corps in our community is to have volunteers for the popular Appleman Triathalon we manage every year and to energize the volunteer community in town to be available to about two dozen non-profit organizations in town looking for volunteers. If a project requires insurance, it could be run under the Rotary umbrella, saving many non-profits unnecessary expenses.

We hope that in addition to energizing the community and supporting all sorts of projects in town, we will inspire the more dedicated Rotary Community Corp members to join our Rotary club. At the very least, we expect, through a public-relations campaign, to make Rotary far more visible than it is today.

To learn more, contact Steve Glines, of the Rotary Club of Littleton, at