Attend the District Assembly on April 28th from 8:00am -12:30pm 
at the
Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center. 
They'll be something for Rotarians - new & long-time!

The District Assembly team is providing an opportunity for all Rotarians in our District 7910 to meet with other Rotarians, exchange ideas, and learn about how your Rotary club can be the inspiration to your communities.    There are so many aspects to Rotary that can interest and excite us! The annual District Assembly will allow all Rotarians to explore the best practices of Rotary and share the latest and greatest ideas on how to serve your communities, grow your clubs, engage your youth, obtain grants, and have fun with Rotary according to our shared interests. 
Did you know that beyond regular club meetings our District has Rotary Fellowships for members interested in Wine, or Business, or Golf?  
How about listening to the new opportunities Rotary has made available to grow your club by allowing for Family Memberships, Corporate Membership, or impacting your community by starting a Satellite Club?
Do you have questions about how to connect to your community and tweak interest in your club? Come and learn how to use Social Media to make those connections!  Here is not just chit-chat, but tools you can use!
Do you like to think of yourself as someone interested in making things happen?  Then come and learn about Rotary’s new “People of Action” campaign.  Be part of the action!  Not sure about your local community needs?  Let us tell you how to dig and find those Service Project ideas that may have been eluding you. Come and check out the District Governor lineup; there is a session where you can ask them anything relating to Rotary.  You may be pleasantly surprised by how hard they work at making your Rotary experience rewarding.
Of course, we experience Rotary first hand at each club meeting we attend, so wouldn’t we want to have the best club in the District?  Let’s make it so, by making sure that our key club officers are well trained with the tools they need to make our club shine!  There will be dedicated sessions for your Club President-Elect, Club Secretary, Club Treasurer, Club Foundation Chair, where new tools will be helping them be effective.  Oh, and did I mention that any Rotarian can attend those too?  Learn how Rotary International connects with these officers using the power of the Internet, as well as paper publications.  
The reality is that for all the fine work we Rotarians do, there are also risks that need to be contained, and smart ways of doing things safely.  Rotary has provided specific training modules for working with Youth, such that each club MUST have a trained/certified Youth Protection Officer.  This District Assembly provides that training!
Also, we should recognize the huge role that our Rotary Foundation has if our clubs are to be successful.  Your club can choose to participate, even lead, a Global Grant that provides funding for a large international project.  Or for a local project you can apply for a District Grant. 
However, you really do have to learn the process, no ifs or buts!  For that, our District Foundation Committee has set up excellent training at the District Assembly leading to your club certification allowing you to participate in grants.
So, the scoop is that Registration and Continental Breakfast is available as of 8 AM, with the program starting at 8:30 AM.  There are three 45-minute program sessions in five rooms following DGE Steve Sager’s Welcome, with a Coffee Break to keep us fired up.  
The program details will soon be available on the District website and emailed to your club president.  YES, we really do want you to register ahead of time  –  would hate to get our numbers wrong and run out of coffee!  OK, I know this is Rotary, so will make allowance for walk-ins on the day, but do try to help us by registering online.  
Remember, every Rotarian will benefit by attending, whether it be via the formal sessions, or speaking with members of other clubs about how they do things.  The $20 registration fee is really nominal, so I encourage your Rotarian friends to join you.  If more than 5 attend from your club the cost will still only be $100.
See you at the District Assembly,
Klaus Hachfeld
District Assembly Chair