What works in terms of PR to 'get the word out?'

By Laura Spear
In short, everything. You cannot rely on one magic bullet. It takes a variety of media and channels to reach your audience. It takes time and patience and an on-going effort.
Be consistent and repetitious in your messaging.
Everything you do for PR should build upon what has already been done, in look-and-feel and content.
Good content, meaningful to your audience, provides the best response.
Direct your audience to one place, ideally a website or your Facebook page, wherever you post your club’s information.
Also be aware of what your target audience uses for information and communications. Thirty-somethings don’t watch TV or read hard-copy newspapers.They get most of their news from Facebook, for example.
Laura Spear, chair of District 7910's Public Relations Committee, may be reached at laura@spear.net.
New Rotary logo
You may have noticed that as of last July 1, we have not distributed any flyers, notices, or announcements that use the old Rotary logo. We want to avoid confusion, build awareness and trust in our Rotary brand, and through consistency, attract new members, donors, and community support.You have pr
You should be doing the same. Use only this "new" Rotary logo and branding.
To learn more in Rotary Voice and Visual Identity Guidelinesclick here.
To learn more about PR for your club, click on the Public Relations section of the navigation bar of the District 7910 website.

Click here for an excellent example of a club-event promotional video by Concord President Steve Kirk.